Our Impact: The Academic Year So Far!

20 May 2017

The Speakers for Schools Report Card

This Year (so far) in numbers:

  • 88,000+ students reached in total
  • 3,000+ students reached on average every week
  • 635 schools and colleges have hosted a speaker so far




Following on from our Spring Term ‘Bridging the Gap’ Campaign we look at some highlights from the year:




George the Poet, Spoken-word artist – Bridging the Gap Talk at College of North West London

George spoke to 118 students and covered a range of topics. Why he chose poetry and how it’s not so different from rap and requires the same skills to his life experiences. He also spoke about the importance of being true to yourself and not getting distracted by what your friends or peers think, or by the “idea of success and fame”.

The students at the College of North West London were so excited to host George the Poet that they made posters to advertise the visit! Following on from the talk George was also interviewed for the college’s radio.



Alastair Campbell, Strategist, Author, Mental Health Campaigner – Bridging the Gap Talk at Friesland School

“On Wednesday 22nd of March I was delighted to join Mr Puddy and Mrs Tideswell in welcoming Alastair Campbell to Friesland Sixth Form.

….Alastair explained why it is so important for students from comprehensive schools like ours to have confidence and aspiration, to believe in themselves and their ability to affect change in the world.  He was an inspiration and many students talked to me after the event explaining how they felt they had been motivated by Alastair to believe in themselves.

To sum up the day, it was a fantastic experience.  Alastair was fascinating and challenging in equal measure, debating with students and not giving any ground, while being inspiring and motivating at the same time.  It was a day that most at Friesland will not forget for a long time – I know I certainly won’t.”

Denny Taylor, Student at Friesland School – Read Denny’s full article here 


Stephen Hester, CEO, RSA Insurance – S4S talk at Winstanley College

“Inspirational, made me think more about my USPs when developing my career, the importance of technology and globalisation despite recent retreats”

“Really pleased I am going on to study Business and Economics”

“I am really pleased I went along, it will be a memorable experience for years to come”

“I learned a lot, learn from failure, don’t be afraid to fail, deal with setbacks, communicate and think what you want to communicate before communicating!”

Student feedback


Funke Abimbola – S4S Talk organised in partnership with Into University

“Really enjoyed the talk, it was engaging, inspirational and excellent top tips”

“I will take away the idea that no matter how many mountains you face, you must always have the will to persevere and reach your goal”

“Being resilient to overcome challenges. Keep focused and have high aspirations”

Student feedback


Anne Sebba, Journalist & Author – S4S talk at Barking Abbey School

“The inspirational presentation of the speaker particularly motivated the students to pursue their life goals. This was particularly the case with the many girls who took the life stories of the writer and her biographical subjects as a way to change and lead their young lives. Students commented:

‘This has confirmed my ambition to become a journalist’
‘A very uplifting and inspirational talk'”

Teacher – Barking Abbey School



David Dein – S4S talk at The Latimer Arts College 

“I just wanted to say what an exceptionally inspirational speaker David was! The session was outstanding – our students were beaming with pride that they had been invited and were a little start struck!

The students were engaged, attentive and participation was brilliant! Our members of staff who came along also engaging the engaging talk.

Thank you so much for organising this for us at Latimer Arts College our students were very privileged today!”

Teacher – The Latimer Arts College


Vijaykumar Patel at The Billericay School

“The talk was very good. It has motivated me to think more and plan for my future.”

“Vijay Patel was very interesting to listen to. He gave some good advice that I hadn’t really thought of before.”

“He was really different in telling us about his life story and his career path. It made you think that you could do something like that.”

“I was really interested to find out how he started off in life and how his success grew.”

“I think it was a good idea to have a Q&A session at the end so we could explore some of the points further.”

Student feedback


How easy is it to host a talk? See what our schools say…

“Hello S4S, the talk was, as expected, superb and very easy to host.  Your team makes it very easy to enable students to access a huge variety of professionals they would not be able to access otherwise.”

Teacher feedback following a talk from Grahame Smith, General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress

“Another great speaker and presentation from Speakers for Schools. Thank you so much. These events make such a difference to our students.”

Teacher following a talk from Richard Murrell, Lead Director, BBC News


Our thanks to all our Speakers & Schools who have made all this possible. We are now currently planning talks for the Summer Term. Want to participate in a talk? Let us know!