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Please note before you begin your application:

  • All state secondary schools and colleges in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for a speaker. To see more about how eligibility and filling applications be sure to see the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Very unfortunately we are not able to provide speakers for special events or short notice (i.e. Award Ceremonies). You may still apply and if your application is filled we encourage schools/colleges to discuss with the speaker directly. It is appreciated if applicants can please try to work with the speaker as much as possible on finding a date that works for both parties.
  • Please be sure to notify the Headteacher or Principal of your application; this will be our first point of contact for approval before confirming a speaker engagement.
  • Once you have applied we will be in touch when we are able to fill your application. Due to demand and capacity this can take some time, but we will keep your application in the system until filled.
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