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Speakers for Schools talks are designed to be a unique opportunity for state schools, academies and colleges with access to free talks from high-profile and leading figures, particularly for schools that might rarely have access to eminent outside speakers to empower and inspire their students. It is a programme working across sectors to cultivate a special, eminent network of the UK’s most influential figures that are willing to donate their time to help inspire, inform and equip the next generation in the UK’s state schools. See more about who we work with and benefits, below.

Who we work with

UK State Schools & Colleges

Speakers for Schools was established to make it possible for state secondary schools, colleges and academies to access free talks from eminent, influential professionals and academics as often available to fee-paying schools.  All state maintained secondary schools and colleges in the UK are eligible to apply to the programme. Find out more about how to applying and taking part here: How it Works.

Leading Figures

The charity works especially with the UK’s leading figures from all industries and fields, making it possible for them to give their time in a state school despite their numerous commitments, through unique talks that inform, inspire and help prepare the next generation. The network is made up of peer and institution nominated figures as well as those the charity approaches directly who are the major influencers, leaders and thinkers from their industry or field. Speakers work with our offices to find a way to give a talk each year despite difficult diaries and access diverse schools they would have not been able to give their time to otherwise. See more about who we work with on the Our Speakers section.

Employers & Institutions

Over 92% of young people attend state schools and we believe that hearing from the leading figures across industries and backgrounds is essential to helping prepare and inspire them for their future. We help various companies and institutions provide a straightforward method for their most senior executives and board members to give their time to young people, aligning with their wider CSR and employability initiatives.  Linking a speaker’s support with their organisation’s work can help achieve wider awareness and interest with young people as well as help in sign-posting specific opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships. Further our charity can pair this with an employer’s wider work with young people in education, whether looking to help young people better access your organisation and industry, or supporting more specific programmes that could benefit from having more state schools taking part. If your company or institution is interested in possibly pairing this work with our charity please get in touch with us here.

Why take part?

What do our schools and their students get out of taking part? Speaking to our schools about the impact on their students, we know their chance to hear from a successful figure can have a real impact on how they look at their own journey, education and aspirations in school and beyond.

92% Teachers have told us that this exposure and interaction with eminent figures has helped their students in one or more of the following:

  • Directly motivate them in their studies and classes
  • Build confidence by seeing that even successful individuals have had doubts, failures and unexpected outcomes along the way
  • Get invaluable advice and perspectives from very top of fields and industries
  • Consider entirely new opportunities like an apprenticeship, being an entrepreneur or attending university
  • Greater awareness of the skills, opportunities and attitudes needed navigate their future
  • Think critically about the world around them


What do speakers get out of taking part? Whether a CEO of a FTSE 100 or a renowned academic, Speakers for Schools offers a unique way for high-profile figures to give back, share their insights and engage with the next generation as they make decisions about their future.

In addition to 95% of Speakers telling us they would highly recommend Speakers for Schools to their peers, and over 65% of our speakers have said their work with us has helped them and their organisation better connect young people today, overall.


See Our Work page for more on the rewarding and insightful exchanges our speakers have had in with our state schools and colleges.