Plan a talk

Below are the short guides for Schools and Speakers, with key planning and event tips we have picked up from past speakers and schools for a successful, high-impact event. Talk details are agreed between the speaker and the school but please do not hesitate to contact our team for more suggestions, guidance and help.

Timings and general information:

  • S4S Talks are meant to be an assembly style talk with 50-300 students, depending on cohort and subject. We encourage mixed ability groups of students. Mixed interests work well for talk intended to broaden horizons and challenge assumptions students might have about what is available to them or their interests.
  • The talks are usually themselves 1 hour, with roughly 30-40 minutes speaking followed by a robust Q&A lead by a teacher if needed (for shier audiences). Speakers might choose to speak casually without slides or a podium, or ask to have audio/visual.
  • Speakers have very busy diaries, but many do hope to do a Meet & Greet at the start of the visit and sometimes are able to do school tours, and/or short workshop or advice roundtables with specifically interested students after talk if the diary permits. Please be sure to discuss in your planning phone call if these are of interest to you as a participant.

School Guides


Speaker Guides