About us

Speakers for Schools links students from state schools, academies and colleges to expert insights from eminent and leading figures of today, from FTSE 100s to (something arts) – all for free.

Founded by ITV’s Political Editor, Robert Peston, our aim is to end educational inequality by investing in young people through our free school talks, our S4SNextGen work experience programme and targeted resources, to broaden horizons and spark ambitions to pave the way for a fairer education system.

We believe all young people regardless of background should have the opportunity to be encouraged and inspired by engaging with the leading figures of today.  The network currently consists of 1000 leading, eminent figures in their field who donate their time as speakers go into state schools to share their insights, experiences and more about their area of expertise through high-profile assembly talks with students. The charity works with schools, academies and colleges across the whole of the UK and has had over 1,950 schools and colleges apply to host speakers and be in the network.

Our speakers are experts and leaders in their fields; some of the country’s highest achieving individuals across government, business, sport, technology, science and the arts. These talks allow them to give their time to share their insights and unique experiences with young people as someone at the top of their field, aiming to help broaden students’ horizons,  make them feel confident about the possibilities for their future and motivate them to reach their maximum potential. The talks help complement efforts of educators to raise attainment, aspirations and get students thinking about the wider world.


Our Mission
Our primary mission is to help all UK state secondary schools and their pupils access free talks from eminent professionals and academics, to broaden horizons and encourage them in their ambitions. We want to help teachers to inspire and motivate the next generation by providing them with access to influential figures with unique views and experiences from the top of their profession. Independent schools have networks of distinguished individuals who routinely give talks to their students that instil a culture of aspiration and offer insights beyond the formal curriculum.

Our aim is to level the playing field for all young people at state schools, offering the same opportunity to engage with and be encouraged by those who are shaping the UK and the world around them.

As a charity we believe in:

  • Giving students access to insights, information and perspectives from top, influential figures to help them in preparing for their own future
  • Maximising awareness of the wealth of opportunities available to students and help break down misconceptions and/or bridge information gaps
  • Improving the links between these leading organisations, industries and their networks and those of state schools and colleges across the UK
  • Keeping all resources and opportunities entirely free to state schools, colleges and their students

To hear what students, teachers and speakers get out of taking part see Our Impact.

Speakers for Schools was founded by Robert Peston and has facilitated over 5,300 free school talks to date, reaching over 600,000 young people across the UK. Chaired by Andrew Law with a board of trustees, it is wholly funded by the Law Family Charitable Foundation.