Alan Rusbridger, Editor in Chief of The Guardian, at Eastbury Comprehensive School

Image of Alan Rusbridger speaking at Eastbury Comprehensive School

Themes: Industry Workings

Topics: Journalism, Communications, Politics and Philosophy

The students at Eastbury Comprehensive School were thrilled to host the Editor in Chief of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, for his second Speakers for Schools talk.

Alan spoke to 120 year 12’s broadly about his journey through journalism, and a little of the history of newspapers themselves. To demonstrate, he had even brought in with him an old newspaper reporting the death of Admiral Nelson! With 20 years experience as editor of The Guardian, he was able to describe a broad account of how and why he entered the field of Journalism, and why he loves it. He even found time to talk about a few of the current issues in the world today as well as the issue of ‘freedom of the press’ and free speech.

Image of Alan Rusbridger speaking to students at Eastbury Comprehensive School

After his talk, Alan said he had a lot of “really interesting, thought-provoking questions” from the students about his career, journalism and current events.

Image of Students at Eastbury Comprehensive School asking Alan Rusbridger questions after his talk

Following the Q & A, several of the Year 12 students got an incredible opportunity: to have a small group mentoring session with the editor of the Guardian on potential future careers in Journalism. He spoke to a few groups of students, discussing how they can attain their career goals and what they want to get from it.

Image of Alan Rusbridge in conversation with a student at Eastbury Comprehensive School

“I’ve got a lot out of coming here today,” said Alan, “and I hope they did too.”