Baroness Lane Fox, online entrepreneur and government advisor, at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School

Themes: Industry Workings, Challenging the Status Quo

Topics: Government & Politics, Technology, Innovation

Photographic portrait of Martha Lane Fox Speaking to all of year 10, Martha discussed her views on women in business, and spoke of the drive and motivation that is needed to succeed. Mixed in with this general advice were a few pieces of business know-how that Martha has gained during her many endeavours.

Martha is known for founding Lucky Voice, and Race Online 2012. Giving an authentic depiction of the business world, she expounded upon both achievements and struggles she had faced.

She also made it clear to the girls that entrepreneurs and founders were very lucky to be in a position to take risks, saying that “Some people don’t have that choice; they just have to get a job.” She stressed the value of every type of job function to the students: “Entrepreneurs need people around them. You don’t have to be the one starting the business. You can be working with them.”