Ruby McGregor-Smith, CEO of MITIE, at the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls


Ruby McGregor-Smith Newspaper Clippings

Talk Themes: Challenging the Status Quo, Life Lessons & Advice

Topics: Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Ruby McGregor-Smith, the only Asian female chief executive of a FTSE 250 company, spoke to students at the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls about her personal and career background, her current role and family life.

Ruby made her journey relevant to the girls by using her family background and childhood in North East London as a starting point. She spoke about how she achieved so much without coming from a privileged background, and what the journey to her current position entailed.

Along with details about how she balances a career and personal life, Ruby spoke of the challenges she faced. This included explaining the impact of the economic crisis on MITIE and how the company might deal with them. Ruby also told the girls about her successes and disclosed how much she earned- a question that students are always keen to ask!

The feedback from the pupils and teachers at the school highlighted the value of the question and answer session that followed Ruby’s speech, during which Ruby answered questions on employability skills and the work experience.