Campaigns & Talk Series

Campaigns help us pack a punch with showing students that leading figures today are committed to helping give them a leg up, and show the world there is more work to be done. These come in the form of talk series that mobilise 25-40 top figures around an issue or industry focus important to young people in state schools. These talk series help key figures show their collective support in helping students prepare for their futures, galvanise their message for students and encourage their peers to give their time too.

Our campaigns over the years have included partners from Google, BAFTA to 30% Club UK, bringing out a range of themes. Read about these past campaigns and talk series below.

To find out more about how we work with industry, employers and partners visit Take Part.

Automotive 30% Club 30:30:30 Talk Series

Speakers for Schools in partnership with the UK Automotive 30% Club launched the 30:30:30 Campaign. This campaign will see 30 automotive…

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Advertising Association Talk Series

As part of the 2014 Advertising Week Europe, the Advertising Association joined forces with Speakers for Schools. The partnership aimed to:…

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'Bridging the Gap' Campaign & Talk Series

The charity launched ‘Bridging the Gap’ talk series with the UK’s top figures across industry and government and announced 2017…

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'Creativity, Arts and Culture in State Schools' Talk Series

This campaign was launched in 2016 in partnership with the Creative Industries Federation and Arts Council England to celebrate the wealth…

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'Equality Across the Board' Talk Series

The 30% Club’s partnership with Speakers for Schools launched with a debate on the theme of ‘Equality across the Board’,…

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‘EU Referendum: What Now?’ Live Event & Talk Series

It was the biggest vote of their generation so far. What does this mean for politics? What does it mean for…

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'The Future of Innovation, Discovery and Connectivity' Talk Series

In October 2014 Speakers for Schools focused a talk series on ‘The Future of Innovation, Discovery and Connectivity’. The campaign…

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'Why I Vote' - General Election Talk Series

Speakers for Schools launched a two-week campaign (#S4SNextGen) ahead of the 2015 General Election to engage young people in politics…

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'Speakers for Schools Week 2013' - 'What Inspires You' Talk Series

In October 2013, Speakers for Schools hosted its first national campaign and talk series, featuring top ambassador speakers giving talks…

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