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Summer Term Highlights

14 August 2018

In the summer term, we hosted over 530 school talks across the country from the VP of Spotify, Marco Bertozzi to broadcaster and presenter Jasmine Dotiwala! Here are some of the highlights:   Jasmine Dotiwala Producer, director, broadcaster, columnist. Jasmine Dotiwala has unrivaled experience in the media world. For her talk, Jasmine visited West Thames College. Here’s what […]

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TV Doctor speaks to students as part of NHS70

24 July 2018

  Last week, TV doctor and NHS GP Dr Sara Kayat spoke at Brentford School for Girls as part of the NHS 70th birthday celebrations. Having studied at King’s College Medical School, Dr Kayat discussed her career history and how she became a media medic. Starting her talk, Dr Kayat asked how many students wanted to become a doctor. She said: “I’ve […]

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More NHS70 talks after the summer holidays!

23 July 2018

Stephen Powis, National Medical Director of the NHS In March, we launched a new initiative with the NHS to celebrate their 70th birthday. As part of the campaign, senior leaders from the service signed up to give a series of school talks to provide an insider perspective on what it’s like to work for the NHS […]

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What’s your #PlasticsChallenge pledge?

18 July 2018

Have you heard about our Great British Plastics Challenge? Over the past 2 months, 30+ leading figures from top organisations including Unilever, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Keep Britain Tidy, WWF and more have been speaking in schools across the country about plastic pollution and how young people can get involved to make a difference. This includes taking to social media […]

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Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS!

5 July 2018

As part of plans to mark the NHS’s 70th birthday, media medics and other high-profile speakers have volunteered their time to visit secondary schools and colleges in the UK this summer and help recruit the workforce of the future. The NHS turns 70 today! As part of the celebrations, leading figures in the NHS have […]

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Highlights so far: Great British Plastics Challenge

3 July 2018

This summer, we’ve teamed up with Business in the Community (BITC) and the Environment Agency to inspire young people to take action about plastic waste through a series of school talks and a national #PlasticsChallenge! Over 30 leading figures from top organisations including Unilever, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Keep Britain Tidy, WWF and more will be speaking in schools […]

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BITC Feature: 8 Steps Businesses Can Take To Reduce Their Plastic

11 June 2018

This piece is from Business in the Community written by Environment Director, Gudrun Cartwright. You can read the original article on their website here.   We’ve teamed up with Business in the Community and the Environment Agency to help the UK’s leading figures go into schools across the country to speak about the issue of plastic waste and what their […]

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Press Release: Great British Plastics Challenge National Campaign Launch

8 June 2018

Leaders and influencers go back to school to persuade students to say no to plastic   Speakers for Schools, supported by Business in the Community (BITC), Mouvement for Change and the Environment Agency, is teaming up with passionate advocates to inspire young people across the UK to take action against plastic waste. Launching on World […]

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