30:30:30 Campaign Continues – Andrew Hooks, Chief Operating Officer of Carwow Offers Girls Special Insights

20 June 2017

Chief Operating Officer of Carwow, Andrew Hooks gave a talk as part of 30:30:30 campaign in partnership with the UK Automotive 30% Club.  


Speaking to Year 10 students at La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School, Andrew highlighted the rapidly changing job market that the digital revolution has brought about. Andrew also gave an insight into his diverse career to date, and spoke to the students about how they can take advantage of the job market to secure their future.   

Using nostalgic images of his past, Andrew gave an insight into his life and career. Including images from his childhood, life as a student at Bristol University and previous jobs that led him to become COO of Carwow. He encouraged his audience to be open to different opportunities.   

“Don’t let your future career affect your decisions too much as circumstances change.”   


After Andrew had covered many topics with the students, he was quizzed by the students on life advice, his career and Carwow.  

What do you think is the best thing for 14 – 15-year olds to do before their GCSEs?  

“Getting involved in school enrichment activities and learn new things. You need to get involved in everything you can.”  

What’s your office like? 

“We have an open office and everyone shares space. We work hard and play hard. There is a strong sense of fun. The employees can plan their own day and come in when they want so long as they do the work. We also have the Carwow Olympics, which includes skiing and is immensely fun!”  

What makes a CV pop out? 

“Interests that go beyond, this shows initiative. There needs to be a degree of enthusiasm beyond just the grades.”   

Andrew covered several different topics during his talk at La Retraite, including widening the student’s knowledge about the automotive industry and Carwow, as well as how he got to where he is today and some tips on what to do after leaving school.    

Speakers for Schools in partnership with the UK Automotive 30% Club launched the 30:30:30 Campaign. This campaign will see 30 automotive industry leaders give speeches to 30 state secondary schools and colleges across the country, followed by 30 executive job shadowing placements for selected students. The campaign’s aim is to stimulate social mobility and gender balance in the automotive workforce.