Schools and Colleges: Refresh your application

15 November 2013

We have recently updated our School and College Application system to improve the information we collect from applicants and better communicate the process – and if you have a moment we hope you will refresh your school’s or college’s application, especially if you applied more than 6 months ago.

You can refresh your application by going through the same process as before, and this does not affect when you might be considered for a speaker– we review your applications throughout the year as we try to pair up speakers, focusing on those who are still waiting to host a speaker and overall suitability of the speaker.

Helpful new features

  • We collect more contact details — with a limited network of speakers and a high volume of requests, it’s important we are able to get in touch with you quickly and reliably, or a colleague in your place.
  • Clarification on what is expected and needed from any teacher that is offering to coordinate a talk, such as Head teacher or Principal support.
  • You can see if any other staff members at your school have applied too (which is fine, although we might fill any of the given applications)

‘Any topic’ option now available- increase your chance of hosting an event.

  • Happy to host any speaker available in your area and flexible on topic?
  • If you’re able to organise a talk on any topic, why not update your application online? Get in touch if you’re having issues.

Headteacher/SLT approval requested via email

  • Headteachers are now asked to respond to an acknowledgement email, which improves the chance of your school being selected.
  • Previous applicants can still benefit from this – just let your SLT know about the application and ask them to email us.

See other applications from your school

  • Search for your school in our database here and see who else has applied and when.

Applications for specific dates not accepted

  • In order to make as many fruitful connections as possible, we cannot accept school applications for special events or set dates.
  • We provide speakers on the basis that schools are flexible on dates and arrange an event that involves a Q&A session.
  • If you requested a speaker for a ceremony or particular date, please update your application here.

We realise there are schools that have applied some time ago, and that wait times can be long, but please know we endeavour to encourage speakers to travel to more rural areas and we are recommending speakers to your school even if one hasn’t been available yet.