Anton Colella visits Lochend Community High School to encourage young people to aim high

27 August 2015

Anton ColellaAnton Colella, currently CEO of ICAS and former CEO of the Scottish Qualifications Authority, visited Lochend Community High School in the east end of Glasgow to share words of encouragement on how to aim high and achieve success.

Anton shared his early experiences of life in a working-class family in the east end of Glasgow and how they helped shape his future. Anton inspired the young people in the room, encouraging them to see that the past does not determine the future but that it in fact prepares people for that future.

Mr Colella went on to outline some of the key aspects that can help make a successful, happy life. He told the pupils that cultivating a warm, friendly and considerate personality are just as important in establishing personal success and happiness than traditional qualifications. Mr Colella was very well received by the young people, many of whom left feeling motivated and ready to move on to the next stage of their life with renewed determination and focus.

Gordon Fisher, Principal Teacher at Lochend said, “Anton’s talk was excellent. He really enthused our pupils and, even more importantly showed them that what you give out to others is what you will get back, that people respond to kindness by being kind in return.”

Jemma McLean, one of the school’s fifth-year students said, “Anton really motivated me to try even harder in school and made me realise the importance of being nice to other people.”

Our thanks to Lochend Community High School and to Anton Colella for making this a great event for the students, and to Lochend for submitting this piece for us to share!

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