Armando Iannucci: his visit to Maria Fidelis School and discussing the General Election

29 April 2015

This week satirist, writer and director Armando Iannucci spoke to Year 11 and 6th form students at Maria Fidelis School in Camden.

Taking questions about the role of satire, women in British politics, freedom of speech, party politics and the upcoming General Election, Armando spoke passionately to the students about his views on the role young people have to play in ensuring a representative democratic process.

He went on to talk to the cohort about the role of social media in informing voters, saying, “You’d think that with nonstop media we’d feel informed but we actually feel less so,” which sparked a wonderful discussion about the changing face of British politics. Armando said he felt it is becoming more about issues and less about party politics, a sentiment that was echoed by the students present.

Armando Iannucci speaking to students at Maria Fidelis School

See how Armando found his talk in his article from today’s Independent.

Our thanks to Armando and to Maria Fidelis School for a fantastic event!