Automotive 30:30:30 Campaign – Summer Highlights

15 July 2017

In May, The UK Automotive 30% Club launched a major new initiative in collaboration with Speakers for Schools, which will see 30 industry leaders give speeches to 30 secondary schools across the country, followed by 30 executive job-shadowing placements for selected students. The 30:30:30 campaign campaign’s aim is to inspire young women to consider careers in the automotive industry.

The campaign will run until October but here are some highlights from talks which have taken place since the launch on the 23rd May.

Penny Burnett – Ousedale School 

Penny Burnett, HR Director of Volkswagen Group UK provided her audience with an insight into the automotive industry and her role at Volkswagen. Penny encouraged the women in the audience to consider a career in the sector by describing the variety of roles within the industry. Penny’s key message to her audience was to “take opportunities, develop yourself and take some risks. It’s okay not knowing what you want to do.” As a supporter of the UK Automotive 30% Club, Penny is passionate about diversity within the sector.   

Alistair Shields – The Milton Keynes Academy  

Alistair Shields is the Group Commercial Services Director at Volkswagen Group UK. Alistair gave the students an overview of the Volkswagen group as well as his role within the organization. After this, Alistair provided students with some expert advice on how to be successful, what employers look for in candidates and what opportunities exist within the sector. He widened student’s eyes to the possibilities that the UK automotive sector can offer both women and men, stressing how important it is to have diversity within his organization and how new technologies are changing the industry.  

Paul Philpott – Christ’s Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School 

Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia Motors UK spoke to 150 Year 10 students about what careers in the automotive industry are available and the challenges that the future will bring. Paul gave his audience a description of his career to date which included how he joined Kia Motors in 2007. As well as this, Paul discussed what the future of the automotive industry may look like with technology rapidly changing.  



Paula Cooper, Overton Grange School 

Paula Cooper, Director, Consumer One at Toyota GB spoke to Sixth Form students about her 25 years within the automotive industry. She started the talk with telling her audience about her career and background, which included how she started out as a graduate trainee with a car rental company. Paula then moved onto showing the students a short video of the female employees at Toyota GB. The employees, who are working in their dealerships told the audience more about their job role and how they got there.  

We still have talks to take place from September-October including:  Nicola Gough – Bentley, Tracy Crump – Bentley, Julia Greenhough – TrustFord, Neil Williamson – Jardine Motor Co, Clare Martin – Jardine Motor Co, Adam Carney – Lookers Plc, Mark Robinson – Vantage Motor Group and Karen Hilton – Carwow.   

Speakers for Schools in partnership with the UK Automotive 30% Club launched the 303030 Campaign. This campaign will see 30 automotive industry leaders give speeches to 30 state secondary schools and colleges across the country, followed by 30 executive job shadowing placements for selected students. The campaign’s aim is to stimulate social mobility and gender balance in the automotive workforce.