Kitty Hall Inspires Girls to Aim Higher

27 May 2016

Lealands High School was excited to host The Chairman of the Petroleum Group, who left students with a message to not limit themselves and to explore how they could achieve their ambitions. See their write-up here:

Kitty Hall, a geologist who has spent her career in oil exploration, kindly visited Lealands High School to talk to a selection of Year 9 girls and Year 10 Business Studies students.

Kitty wanted to inform the students of the opportunities for females in science, technology, engineering and maths related industries.

She said “Doors are open, the chance of getting good careers in science based industries are better than it ever was, take risks and control your own destiny”.

She told the students her background story which began for her in grammar school where the students were made up of only 25% girls and when it came to choosing O ’Level subjects the choices were either physics or cookery. The boys were pushed towards the physics whilst the girls cookery.

After completing her A ‘Levels, she decided upon a gap year which changed her life and shaped her future. She worked for a survey company which took her to Nigeria and she became involved in the early adoption of computers in the processing of field data.

Following her gap year, she went on to gain a BSc in Geology at Leeds University and went back into survey work.

Kitty has gone on to start up two successful businesses, which has taken her all across the world whilst also getting married and bringing up two daughters. There was a question and answer session with the students after the talk. The students had their own questions ready all about how to become a successful female in business.

via Lealands High School 

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