Ed Miliband talks political impact with Campsmount Students

11 July 2014

Ed Miliband talking to students at Campsmount CollegeToday Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband visited Campsmount College, speaking to year 9 and 10 about their aspirations and ideas on politics.

It was a frank discussion on the impact of politics, the roll of the media and issues that were important to the students such as whether or not they should vote at 16 years of age.

The talk was met with great enthusiasm from the students, asking an array of questions from “Who inspired you to go into politics?” to focused local topics such as “Recently the area voted no on installing a wind turbine, what’s your opinion on the matter?”.

Ed Miliband speaking to students at Campsmount CollegeMr Miliband used the talk as well to bring up a student debate: the school has proposed extending the school day for 50 minutes, what did students think about that?

Using this as a way to show how compromise and talking specifics about the implementation can help resolve the issue, Ed spoke to students about how they thought the 50 minutes should be used or what factors would help them get on board with the motion.

The talk came to a close with Ed giving on his thoughts as to what they could carry with them into the next academic year, with a message of “Don’t let anyone tell you can’t achieve something you believe in” — a great message for students to take into the summer. And of course, a great opportunity today for them to snap a few selfies with their local MP!

Thanks again to Ed Miliband for his time and support as a speaker, and to Campsmount for a fantastic session with the students!