Eileen Naughton, MD of Google UK, live-streams nationwide about the future of tech

11 December 2014

Today we hosted the final live-streamed STEM event with Eileen Naughton, MD of Google UK, at Christ’s College Finchley in a special session moderated by Jamie Spafford, renowned Youtuber and co-creator of SORTEDFood.

The audience were joined on-screen by students at Greenfield Community College in Durham, and around a further 80 schools nationwide tuned in to the live streaming of the event via Google Hangouts. This event marked another milestone in the S4S STEM series, which last month used video-links to connect schools across the country with STEM luminaries Jimmy Wales and Professor Brian Cox.

Eileen Naughton and Jamie Spafford at Christ’s College FinchleyHer talk focused on the future, highlighting the pace of technological change in our society, drawing on the potential of domestic robots, ultra-miniaturised processor chips and early prototypes for Google’s driverless cars.

Eileen Naughton at Christ’s College FinchleyEileen made it clear that sensational advancements were more than achievements of engineering alone.

Drawing on examples across social media, including Jamie Spafford’s own viral cooking videos, she showed the students that creativity and marketing can be key to effective innovation across all industries. The Q & A session included Christ’s College, Greenfield and different schools on social media asking about privacy, intellectual property rights, careers with Google and the role of technology in education.

Eileen Naughton and Jamie Spafford with students at Christ’s College FinchleyThanks to Eileen and Jamie and our partners Google UK and the Guardian Teacher Network for making this special event possible!

Miss the live-stream? Watch the full event here: Eileen’s Event Video