Friday Roundup – Fran Unsworth, Dr Stewart Cowley, Carole Green and more

6 November 2015

First week back from half term… see snippets from Fran Unsworth, Head of BBC World Service and from the ‘shop floor to the high table in just 8 years’, Dr. Stewart Cowley’s personal journey to success.

Fran Unsworth visited Greenford High School to talk about her journey through the BBC from her first job answering phones to heading up their World Service. Fran emphasised the importance of hard work and resilience, encouraging students to make their own luck and ensure they put themselves in the best position they can.

Fran commented that the Q and A session of the talk was the highlight for her as the students asked such intelligent questions. The talk gave the students the chance to quiz Fran which gave them real insight into the workings of the BBC. Fran told the students that the BBC was for everyone and encouraged them to think about the benefits of pursuing a career in journalism whilst not shying away from particularly interesting questions about diversity and gender equality within the corporation.
Speakers for Schools were lucky to film some of the best bits of the talk in the link above or see our Youtube channel.

Dr. Stewart Cowley talks to students in Newcastle…

300 miles away in Newcastle, Excelsior Academy were welcoming Dr. Stewart Cowley who is Fund Manager at Old Mutual Global Investors. Stewart’s story is one he describes as going from ‘the shop floor to high table in just 8 years’. Pupil’s resonated with his message and he encouraged them to see the potential within themselves. Coming from a similar background to the pupils he used theory, fact and anecdotes to describe his personal journey and his passion for the North East. Students commented that ‘This has made me really excited about being who I want to be and going to university to do what I want, what I enjoy’ whilst another, who was clearly inspired by Stewart’s message, said ‘I’d really like to be the first person from my family to go to University’. Students were captivated by the talk and the cross-curricular messages that Stewart drew upon, particularly the importance of The Arts and Sport.

Our thanks to Greenford High School and Excelsior Academy as well as Fran Unsworth and Dr. Stewart Cowley for making these great event for students!

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