Head of Brompton Bicycles Will Butler-Adams talks innovation at Trinity School

17 October 2014

Will Butler-Adams speaking to students at Trinity SchoolThe students of Trinity School, West Berkshire, had an energetic talk today on innovation and entrepreneurship from Will Butler-Adams, the Managing Director of Bromptons, which manufacture one of the most iconic British compacting bicycles in the world.

As an engineer by trade, innovation was key to his talk as well as he tried to shed light on how he sees innovation fitting into their work at Brompton and generally in product creation. He recommended continuous innovation which, aside from being fun, maintains a high profit in a business and keeps them consistently ahead of the competition.

One of his key messages was to enjoy your work life. “Business is not something to be afraid of,” Will said to them, and encouraged the 6th form students to love what they do: “Just for heaven’s sake don’t do something you find boring!”

There were over 100 students who were there to listen and ask questions, including asking what he looks for in an employee. He told them that he always looks for someone who is willing to go outside of the norm and someone with passion. Being able to constantly strive to improve their work and themselves is a quality he rated highly.

Thanks to Will for his time and the Trinity School for hosting an engaging talk!