If You Have Confidence The World is Your Oyster

14 November 2016

Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman joined the students at Fulham Cross Girls’ School for an engaging session which challenged the girls to think about their future.




Cathy started the talk by asking the girls where they would like to see themselves by age 42. Answers included becoming a doctor or lawyer but many admitted that they weren’t quite sure. The girls were reassured to hear that Cathy did not have journalism in mind when she was their age but had her heart set on becoming a violinist before changing her plans as a result of seeing BBC journalist Kate Adie on television.

The question and answer session was without doubt the highlight of the talk with students eager to ask Cathy for her insights:

‘What inspired you to become a journalist?

‘What are the challenges you face being a woman in media?’

‘Do you find it difficult not to be biased?’

‘What influential people have you met?’ and of course with the impending US Presidential Election ‘What do you think about Donald Trump?’.

Cathy spoke frankly with the students about the challenges she has faced over her career including difficult interviews, getting your facts straight and facing sexism during her time in Westminster.

As a keen supporter of equality, Cathy discussed her experience with the girls about confidence saying ‘Confidence is a real battle, as women we’re hard on ourselves, each other and then men are hard on us too but if you have confidence the world is your oyster’.

Other tips Cathy shared with the students were about being tenacious, particularly important in journalism but important in any job role and whilst working hard is important but there is some luck and chance involved in what you go on to do.

Our thanks to Cathy for being such an engaging speaker and also to Fulham Cross Girls’ School for being wonderful hosts and asking so many great questions.