Boldness and Commitment recommended by Kitty Ussher

1 July 2016

As part of Speakers for Schools’ series of talks with students in the wake of EU referendum Kitty Ussher, MD of Tooley Street Research, went to La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School in Clapham to discuss how the students there felt about the current situation, then offered her own input.


The students expressed concern that the conversation around Brexit had been overly dominated by immigration but largely seemed optimistic for the future, with some students saying they had a greater interest in engaging in politics moving forward. A show of hands indicated that nearly all the pupils present would have liked to have voted if they had been given the chance and many of them knew how they would have cast their vote.

Moving the talk on, Kitty drew on her time as Economic Secretary to the Treasury at the start of the credit crunch, her move to the Department for Work and Pensions and as MP for Burnley. She took the 70 collected students through a very personal story that she used to illustrate why she feels so passionately about the work she is doing and has done.

A question and answer session followed and some students took the initiative to come and speak to Kitty one to one, asking what working with Blair and Brown was like before she offered some advice about how to get involved in British politics.


Our thanks go to La Retraite for their ongoing support of the Speakers for Schools programme and Kitty Ussher for giving the cohort of students a fantastic talk!