Marcus Davey speaks to students at Quintin Kynaston about the importance of creative subjects

11 February 2016

Marcus Davey, CEO of the Roundhouse, visited Quintin Kynaston Community Academy to talk about the importance of creativity and the creative subjects to over 200 Year 12 and 13 students as part of the Speakers for Schools Creativity, Arts and Culture in State Schools talk series.

Marcus Davey 1 Compressed

He gave students a brief history of the Roundhouse, from a steam engine maintenance shed to the multi-arts centre it is today, where the Roundhouse works with thousands of young people every year. Marcus asked students if they ‘could imagine a world without arts and design’, opening up a discussion on the centrality of creativity in our world and the importance of industries such as architecture, design, TV, radio, music, poetry and sculpture.


Highlighting the resilience and persistence creative subjects can help to develop Marcus recounted Einstein was actually a lifelong violinist and pianist, and would turn to playing music when he wanted to think his way through a complex mathematical problem.


Marcus encouraged students to consider a career rapidly growing creative sector, and gave some statistics about how those who study creative topics are more entrepreneurial, more likely to complete a degree and interestingly a third more likely to vote.


During the Q+A session the audience wanted to know how they can get involved in the creative industries, more about the Roundhouse and about Marcus’ personal experiences of the arts. Regarding the last question, Marcus said he told them he wants to create an environment where people can flourish and help to build a better society.

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