Michael Liebreich visits Bonus Pastor Catholic College and enlightens students on his path to success

12 October 2015

Michael LiebreichMichael Liebreich who is currently Chief Executive Officer of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the world’s leading provider of information on clean energy visited Bonus Pastor College on 8th October 2015 and talked about his route to success.

Before the talk, students commented that there was an air of excitement and anticipation around the school. Michael’s talk was aimed at a group of Year 9 and 10 students and he detailed life in his sector and his path to success. Students found his talk fascinating, educational, interesting and thought provoking.

Michael stated that throughout his career has tried to avoid wasting time although he admits he has had many distractions throughout his life. These distractions have given him a varied and successful career, not to mention exciting – he once participated in The Olympics as part of the UK’s skiing team!

Michael Liebreich with students from Bonus Pastor CollegeIn the words of Michael Liebreich, ‘Distractions can be great, because they all help to lead us to the road to success’.

Our thanks to Bonus Pastor Catholic College and to Michael Liebreich for making this a great event for the students, and to Bonus Pastor for submitting this piece for us to share!

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