My Week As A Student Ambassador At S4S

29 March 2018

Daniel had the opportunity to be our student ambassador for a week during our #Skills2030 campaign featuring some of the UK’s top figures. Daniel did a ‘takeover’ of our social media feeds, interviewed top speakers and captured their industry-leading advice.

I have loved being the Student Digital Ambassador for Speakers for Schools during the Skills 2030 campaign. The most exciting part was gathering content from the campaign talks such as vox pops and photos, to share with you online.

The Skills 2030 campaign has made me realise how important it is for students to hear experiences and advice from experts in their industry because this is possibly the only effective way to encourage the youth to start developing certain skills and to understand what will be important for their future aside from exams. I personally think that schools do not expose students to the reality of work enough and some students may find it challenging to adapt to the job environment when they finish their studies.

My favourite piece of advice that I took away from the campaign was from Sharon White, CEO of Ofcom’s talk when she said:

“Learn transferable skills that you can apply to lots of different roles.”

I believe is crucial to anyone who is unsure about what they want to do in the future. I also thought that this advice was probably the most vital because it encourages young people not to get caught up on whether a particular job might exist in the future. I also particularly liked entrepreneur, Rajeeb Dey MBE’s advice to:

“Continuously reinvent yourself and learn to adapt.”

Throughout my experience, I’ve had the chance to travel all over London to different campaign talks and I’ve enjoyed exploring new parts of the city. During my ‘social media takeover’, I learnt how to select content for different social platforms for a range of audiences.  This included choosing top-quality photographs, vox pops and my favourite quotes from the talks that I attended. I learnt how to write posts for professional Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, reflecting on my reactions and experiences.

I also had the chance to interview various speakers and to ask their opinions on what skills they thought young people will need for the future of work. It was fascinating to hear the different points of view from each speaker. After talks, I really enjoyed recording the reactions of students too, which surprisingly enough were quite different most of the time.

I think, if you were to ask me what I have disliked about being a Student Ambassador I would say the long, early morning commutes across London on the packed trains – but that’s pretty much it!

The most challenging part of the experience was learning to vlog as I have never done it before, especially in a professional context. However, I got stuck in and my confidence has grown with each vlog. Now I have another skill with me, which will be helpful for my future.

As a highly creative person, my dream is to revolutionize advertising by creating engaging and exciting forms of marketing communications and generally working within a creative industry. I hope that this experience will make a mark on my CV, making me stand out.

You can see my 2-minute video sharing my top 5 favourite pieces of advice here

Thank you to all the schools and the speakers for taking part in the #Skills2030 campaign and I hope that you have enjoyed my takeover as much as I did!

Daniel, 17


Daniel, an A- Level student at Queen’s Park Community School, spent a week at Speakers for Schools as a student Digital Ambassador. Daniel had the chance to travel to different campaign talks and ‘takeover’ S4S’s social feeds.

Check out Daniel’s takeover on our TwitterInstagram and Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Find out more about our Skills 2030 campaign here.