Newspaper Editor Oliver Duff reflects on his Speakers for Schools Talk

18 October 2014

Oliver Duff at Ashmole AcademyThis week Editor of the i paper Oliver Duff, the youngest editor of a UK national newspaper, spoke to 350 students at Ashmole Academy about his experiences so far.

Students took great interest in his age and challenges of being the head of a major paper, as well as accountability of the press, ethics and how could the paper keep making money. In addition to this he spoke about his days at a state school and how he eventually made it to University of Cambridge– despite himself having thought he wasn’t cut out for it. He said he couldn’t have done it without the right encouragement from one of his teachers.

Oliver emphasised that he thought the next generation was full of potential and hoped they would seek out the opportunities — “We are more connected and intelligent than we’ve ever been. I look to young people like you to fix a lot of the problems out there — hope that’s not too much pressure!”

See Oliver’s Letter from the Editor on how he found his talk experience.