Parents more inspiring than celebrities, in student survey

26 August 2016

The Future Leaders Trust, a specialty charity training the next generation of Head Teachers,  has released the findings from a survey today confirming that young people are most inspired not by celebrities they’ve never met – but by their parents and teachers.

When asked to name the top three figures they find most inspiring, 34% of girls said ‘my mum‘, 22% said ‘my dad’ and 10% said ‘my teacher’.


Hear what our Executive Director had to say about this report on BBC Radio above.


This is not the first time that research has shown that young people look to those closest to them for inspiration and disproved the idea that many young people want to just be ‘famous’ or a ‘footballer’ — a 2013 report on future ambitions showed that children aspire to roles more visible to them, with teachers topping the list for future career ambitions among 15-16 year olds.

“These survey results reaffirm an important fact about young people – real inspiration comes from the people in their lives. If we do not surround them with brilliant, varied people who can help inspire them for their futures, we aren’t giving the next generation the best chance to achieve their potential.”
– Ashley Hodges, Executive Director, Speakers for Schools 

Given the evidence that young people are most influenced and inspired by those people closest in their life, we believe it is absolutely critical that charities like ours continue to help educators further inspire young people through access to the every-day figures who are leading industries, shaping professions and culture — helping break down the barrier between hard-to-access figures and helping those leaders connect with students as people who have had a journey all of their own.

We look forward to being one of the many inspirational tools that the Head Teachers and educators at the Future Leaders Trust can use in their mission to inspire the next generation.

To see the full Future Leaders Trust press release and more about their work please visit their webpage here.



About The Future Leaders Trust

The Future Leaders Trust is an education charity that believes excellent school leaders can transform challenging schools and improve outcomes for disadvantaged children. Its mission is to raise the achievement of children, regardless of background, and to provide them with equal choices and opportunities in life. The Trust runs leadership programmes to develop exceptional school leaders, from middle leaders to CEOs of Multi Academy Trusts, who are committed to closing the attainment gap and eradicating educational disadvantage in England.

In the Future Leaders network there are 1,700 leaders working with 1,500 challenging primary and secondary schools across England, impacting over 1.2 million students.

In November 2016 The Future Leaders Trust is joining forces with education charity Teaching Leaders, growing their network to over 3,000 school leaders in order to change the lives of many more disadvantaged children.