Press Release: Visit of Sir Oliver Heald MP

23 March 2015

Local MP Sir Oliver Heald visited Fearnhill School in Letchworth last week to discuss local and national issues with pupils. It was part of the school’s programme to raise student awareness of parliament and the life of an MP, in the run up to the general election.

The MP for Hertfordshire North East was quizzed by year 8 students on important topics from the economy to education, as well as what hours he works and what his plans are for the area.

Sir Oliver said: “I was very inspired by my visit to Fearnhill. The energy and vitality of the young people I met is a tribute to the school, and to the young people who are clearly thinking so much about their local area and how it can change. I was very impressed by their questions on national issues like housing and the economy. It was a challenging discussion which taught me a great deal also. Supporting our local young people as they develop their own futures and hearing their views is one of the most important things a politician can do.”

Student Ben Jenkins said: “it was really interesting to meet our local MP and to help us understand how democracy works locally and nationally.”

Sir Oliver with Katharine Lovell, Deputy Headteacher and Year 8 students