Prestwick Academy students tell how Sir Tom Hunter inspired them

19 November 2014

Sir Tom Hunter visited Prestwick Academy, South Ayrshire on Monday, and the school wrote to us to describe how the day had gone.

Sir Tom Hunter with students at Prestwick AcademySir Tom Hunter visited our school on the morning of Monday 17th November 2014. He talked to an audience of approximately 250 pupils, consisting of S4-6 pupils who study the suite of Business Education subjects in the school (Business Management, Administration & IT or Leadership) or Modern Studies.

Sir Tom showed a short inspirational video, quoting Steve Jobs, and began by talking about his background from a young age and how he started out on his amazing and inspirational journey. His clear inspiration, among many famous names and faces including Nelson Mandela and Andrew Carnegie, was his father. It was also evident from his speech that his down-to-earth nature and positive attitude and outlook on life combine to result in an enthusiastic and motivational entrepreneur – one of a kind!

As well as guiding pupils through the major steps and accomplishments in his ever-flourishing career, including his latest philanthropic ventures in The Hunter Foundation, Sir Tom then handed it over to a Question and Answer session with our pupils. Questions were varied and well-researched, asking his opinion on political matters, as well as his advice for young people wishing to start their own business.

Sir Tom spent time talking at length with our pupils and all of our young people were engaged and enthused throughout. After his talk, Sir Tom was able to see our fantastic facilities in our Music Department. He even witnessed some of our pupils at work in our very own state of the art recording studio!

Some quotes from pupils are detailed below:

  • “I couldn’t believe how inspirational and motivational he was. He was so funny and down to earth. He has motivated me so much to achieve my goals. He is a great guy and the world needs more people like him. Absolutely amazing.”
  • “This talk has made me realise that I should have a positive outlook on life and follow my dreams.”
  • “The most inspirational talk I have had. It was very motivational and gives me a better outlook on things. It has changed my view on how successful you can become if you have the right attitude.”
  • “He has encouraged me to be the best person I can be and inspired me to be more confident and not to take no for an answer.”
  • “The whole speech was amazing and inspiring. It really motivated me and made me think positively and about what to do in the future (job-wise). I was surprised that he came from a small area. He has made me realise that I need to think positively all the time and I shouldn’t let failure keep me down!”
  • “I thought he was so inspirational. It gives us all hope that we can achieve anything that we put our mind to. All it takes is the right attitude!”
  • “I loved how nice he was and about what has inspired his philanthropy. He was very, very inspirational and I would definitely love to talk to him more as I would be really interested. Just shows how much we can actually do with not taking no for an answer.”

Sir Tom Hunter with students at Prestwick AcademyWe cannot thank Sir Tom enough for the positive impact he has had. His visit today is something which I’m sure will stay with our young people for a lifetime.

Elaine Campbell
PT Business Education