In-depth video from top EU professor on referendum

14 June 2016

Ahead of the EU referendum next week Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London, Anand Menon, has laid out some of the key issues surrounding the vote in a short video. This is part of the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative – a non-partisan organisation aiming to give expert insight into the relationship between the UK and the EU – of which Professor Menon is the director.

Just as Professor Menon is working to give clear analysis ahead of the referendum, Speakers for Schools is going to be hosting a live-streamed panel debate after the referendum, on the 30th June, to discuss ‘What Now?’ regarding the UK and the EU whatever the result of the vote. The panel will be made up of experts and hosted by ITV’s Political Editor, Robert Peston.

To see this incredible unique debriefing event at 11am June 30th, and even tweet in questions for the panel, bookmark this page: