S4SNextGen Rolls Out First Work Experience Opportunities  

14 July 2017

S4SNextGen, the new Work Experience initiative  from Speakers for Schools that links leading organisations within our speaker network with our state schools.

June saw the first batch of Work Experience placements facilitated by the S4SNextGen.org work experience programme and online platform.

What is it?

S4SNextGen is a Speakers for Schools initiative recently launched to especially help our speakers’ esteemed firms and organisations offer work experience placements to state schools students, particularly targeting those who would not normally have access to high quality placements such as these. These are special placements limited in their availability as we work with employers to increase their opportunities, helping them understand how they can make time for hosting students and ensure they are reaching students who need these type of placements to give them their first step into world of work.

It’s free for all users, and has a special application process that helps ensure a safeguarded process as well as focusing on students with high need.

“I’ll go away from this experience feeling proud of having secured it and having enjoyed my time. Now I can see how life would be working in a place like this.”

Zak, Student, Tulchan Communications


As a part of our first summer and a digital pilot of the new online portal,  placements across the country have now come to fruition with opportunities taking place across industries including in finance, advertising, science, automotive, marketing, entertainment, communications, events and charities to name just a few. Right now we are just rolling out with limited placements, hoping to create a buzzing hub of opportunities in the coming years. 



“It definitely gave me a different perspective and it showed me that to be successful, you don’t always need to do a degree for the title, sometimes experience is more valuable.”

Duvina, Student, M&G Investments

Who is taking part?

The first batch of summer placements includes opportunities across the country including in Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, London, Portsmouth and more. Students will benefit from work experience opportunities in leading organisations to see how they operate, build a range of transferable skills and learn more about job roles in a sector.
Thank you to our participating employers during the digital pilot including:

  • ASE Global
  • Bank of England
  • BSI Group
  • Caxton Asset Management
  • Connect Group
  • Engine Group
  • Fandom
  • Inchcape
  • Maggie’s Centres
  • M&G Investments
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Pearson
  • Portland Communications
  • The Peoples Operator
  • TrustFord
  • Tulchan Communications
  • Virgin Money
  •  and we’ve even hosted a placement of our own at Speakers for Schools HQ!

Placements will continue in October half term and beyond — get in touch below if you would like to know more.


What participants have had to say so far…

I think that work experience is incredibly important for students. It’s the time where you’re able to meet brand new people in a professional environment to experience what work life is like. The best way to be “ready” for your first job is push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone! Work experience is a great place to start if you want to get an insight of what the “world of work” is like, but most importantly it is great chance to network with powerful people in the industry.

Afrina, Student, M&G Investments


The most useful part was talking to the different departments and learning about the route they took to get their jobs. As well as seeing what day to day life was like.

Hannah, Student, TPO



I found it particularly rewarding to see the students improve in confidence throughout the week, and listening to their final presentations was very rewarding, as was knowing that the experience helped them to start thinking of their career options for the future.

Gilian, Host, M&G Investments



We really believe in investing in the future generation and future employees. We find this really beneficial for both the students and the teams they are working in.

Olive, Host, Pearson


Doing this Work Experience and meeting employees has helped us think about our future careers, how things may not always go to plan but you can and should push ahead all the same.

Arvind, Student, Pearson



The friendly ambience and team made the experience much better – work didn’t feel like a burden, but more of an exciting challenge.

Ali, Student, Fandom

Want to know more about how your company or organisation can get involved?

S4SNextGen is a free programme to help support better links between top employers and state schools to connect their students with invaluable opportunities such as work experience. If you are a Speaker or HR/CSR professional interested in further engaging with state school students, please get in touch with us for more information. Be sure to also visit www.S4Snextgen.org!



Why have we launched S4SNextGen for our speaker’s organisations and top employers? Watch our short video to find out.