Saffron Walden County High School hears from BBC’s Evan Davis

14 July 2015

Evan Davis, best known as the presenter of Newsnight and Dragons Den on BBC television, as well as The Today Program and The Bottom Line on Radio 4, headed to Saffron Walden to deliver two very different talks, back to back, to year 10 and then year 12 students.

Evan Davis talking to students at Saffron WaldenWith the first session focusing on life advice Evan advised the nearly 300 year 10 students to become like sponges and soak up any experiences they could, allowing themselves to be open to doing new and challenging things that put them outside their comfort zone. He spoke about the need to have a passion and what a great shame it would be to not find your passion for lack of trying a variety of options through life.

Before speaking with a highly engaged year 12 cohort Evan took time to speak informally to a group of economics and business students.

The second talk focused on the value and potential detriment of debt, both on a personal level and in a global sense. Evan discussed the idea of correctly attributing blame for debt to lender and borrower in the case of it being irresponsibly lent money before proclaiming that debt is one of the greatest human inventions, when used properly. With questions from the audience ranging from asking about the financial crisis in Greece, to student loans and UK government borrowing policy in times of recession the lower sixth form students at Saffron Walden County High School showed a remarkably high level of understanding of the current economic climate.

Evan Davis with students at Saffron WaldenWe would like to thank both Evan Davis and Saffron Walden High School for making this an excellent set of events!

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