Salesforce Strategy Director on Succeeding in a Changing World at Kingsbury High School

8 November 2017

Dr Fran Cardells, Director of Strategy for Salesforce, travelled to Kingsbury High School recently to speak to students about his work and the lessons he wanted to pass on to those looking to work in the business or technology sectors. The school brought together students from Business, Economics and Computing/ICT subjects for the talk.

Photos by Tamara Faires-Back

He spoke about his work and career – having worked at both Google and Salesforce, two technological giants – but also about the importance of resilience and being able to adapt to new ways of working and thinking in the rapidly changing 21st century. He encouraged students to develop their skills for their careers, but also stressed the importance of emotional intelligence and being able to understand other people and work with them.

There was high interest in the talk, with many students staying behind afterwards to continue asking questions of Dr Cardells even after the event had finished.


Photos by Tamara Faires-Back

You can read more about Fran’s visit to the school in this article from the school here.


Our thanks to both Dr Fran Cardells and to Kingsbury High School for creating a fantastic event for these students!

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