Sir David Warren discusses Brexit impact in Surbiton

30 June 2016


To an assembled group of year 10s and 12s at Hollyfield School in South West London, Sir David Warren gave his view on what the recent referendum result means for Britain and what happens now socially, economically and politically.  His years of experience in The Foreign Office provided an invaluable resource when the students started to explore what leaving the EU would mean for Britain, our relationship with Europe and the wider world. Sir David’s time as British Ambassador to Japan allowed him to provide unique insights in this field.

The highly considered and informed questions from the students probed the implementation of an exit from the EU and what shape that would take in the event of Article 50 being invoked. Much of the conversation centred on the necessity of tempering the need for leadership from MPs with an application of the popular will of the people in such a way that doesn’t alienate members of the electorate who already feel disconnected from the process of Westminster.


David kindly offered to stick around after the session had finished for more in depth conversations with students on a range of subjects, including access to the diplomatic services through university routes and free trade agreements.


‘EU Referendum: What Now?’ Live Event & Talk Series

Following on from this, today  at 11am (30th of June 2016) Speakers for Schools, in conjunction with the TES, will be holding a live streamed panel discussion on the impact of Brexit hosted by Robert Peston, bookmark the stream here:

 Our thanks to Hollyfield School for being fantastic hosts and Sir David Warren for providing his candour and time for a highly illuminating event!