Sir Nicholas Montagu and Rachel Short give a joint talk in Camden, continuing the 30% Club Partnership

28 January 2015

Sir Nicholas Montagu speaking to students at Haverstock SchoolHaving recently helped to launch the 30% Club and Speakers for Schools “Equality across the Board” campaign, Sir Nicholas Montagu is joined by Rachel Short of YSC to visit Haverstock School, Camden. A cohort of around 100 girls from the sixth form at Haverstock School had an opportunity to hear from two key members of the 30% Club as part of the talk series partnership with Speakers for Schools.

Sir Nicholas Montagu and Rachel Short speaking to students at Haverstock SchoolFirst Sir Nicholas spoke to the students about the need for everyone to view diversity as an ongoing process, where one needs to be “running just to keep still”. He piqued the audience’s interest when he addressed the fact that, as a white, Oxford educated man, he is unlikely ambassador for diversity. Sir Nick championed the moral, social and business imperatives underwriting diversity, arguing that it is the benefit of society at large.

Rachel Short speaking to students at Haverstock SchoolAfter taking questions, Sir Nick then handed over to Rachel Short, Director at YSC, who spoke to the students about their role in diversity creation, the psychology of the work place and jobs market and how self-held beliefs about limitations can have such a detrimental effect on an individual’s potential to succeed.

A steering committee member for 30% Club, Rachel helped facilitate an interactive session that allowed a wonderful discussion around challenging perceptions on women’s role in the workplace and at university, and debunking commonly-held myths.

Sir Nicholas Montagu and Rachel Short talking to students at Haverstock SchoolVery kindly both speakers stayed on afterwards to speak with students one on one and in small groups, hopefully adding to the experience and helping give further life to the idea of “Equality across the Board”.