Smithycroft Secondary School get lessons in life and finances from Merryn Somerset Webb

3 June 2015

Merryn Somerset WebbWhile it was half-term for schools in England and Wales last week, the students of Smithycroft Secondary School in Glasgow were busy listening to a fascinating talk from the Editor-in-Chief of Moneyweek, Merryn Somerset Webb.

Merryn spoke on the economy and made the future world of money and savings understandable for the students. After giving some key lessons and talking about her own struggles to reach her current position, the students were able to ask her questions about her life and her work.

She wrote an article about her experience, the current economic situation and Britain’s tax policies for the Financial Times here: Why Britain’s tax policy is leading a generation astray (£).

Our thanks to Merryn Somerset Webb and to Smithycroft Secondary School for making this a brilliant event!