Speakers for Schools hits 700 talks 2014/15…

24 April 2015

A week of milestones: Our 700th talk for the 2014/15 academic year was yesterday, with Dr Anthony Seldon, famous biographer and head of Wellington College, trumping our 698 talks last academic year!

Dr Anthony Seldon at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School

Dr Anthony Seldon speaking to students at Blessed Hugh Faringdon SchoolAppropriately this talk was a part of our Election Talk Series, with Dr Seldon speaking to Blessed Hugh Faringdon Sixth Form about their views and attitudes towards this unique election. Over 130 Sixth Formers had a chance to ask Anthony about his role as the official biographer to a number of Prime Ministers, as well as the official historian of Downing Street. It was a chance to reflect on the unique nature of this election and how the UK political landscape is changing.

Students equally wanted to get to grips with the upcoming election:

  • “How do we as young people get properly informed to vote, instead of just believing whatever we see in the news?”
  • “Do you believe first-past-the-post is a system that adequately reflects the will of the people?”
  • “Do Prime Ministers have another side to them we never see?”

Dr. Seldon shared his insights and left the students with this: “No matter what, get involved in politics. Get stuck in. It matters. If you don’t, someone else will fill that space and make your decisions for you.”

Richard Fletcher at Bonus Pastor Catholic College

Richard Fletcher speaking to students at Bonus Pastor Catholic CollegeRichard Fletcher, Business Editor of The Times, visited Bonus Pastor Catholic College in Lewisham on Friday to speak to a group of around 60 year 9 & 10 students about his life, education and journey through journalism to his current role.

Richard had devised an activity where students got to have a go at editing a newspaper. The cohort was split up into teams and had to choose various stories and photographs to fill the front page, the body of the paper and the sporting section from a real selection from earlier in the week.

Richard Fletcher speaking to students at Bonus Pastor Catholic CollegeAfter this Richard took questions from the group on the editorial process, the legal issues surrounding photo journalism and the mechanics of working in print.

Lady Barbara Judge CBE at Notre Dame RC Secondary School

Lady Barbara Judge speaking to students at Notre Dame RC Secondary SchoolAlso this week, Lady Barbara Judge CBE visited Notre Dame RC Secondary School in Southwark, London, to offer advice to a group of 55 year 9 students which draw on her on experiences and the advice given to her by a strong successful woman in her life – her mother.

Speaking very candidly Lady Judge happily answered questions on a range of topics from practical insights into how to get a job and succeed when you’re there to discussions around her philosophical view on the need for women to work as part of an identity of their own.

Thanks to all of our speakers who have helped us have a fantastic year of talks and to the many more taking part this term!