Tazeen Ahmad Shares her Journey as an Investigative Reporter

24 March 2017

Documentary journalist Tazeen Ahmad gives a special talk not only focusing on her life’s work, but uniquely has a follow-up workshop for students…

Speaking to Year 10 English and Media students, Tazeen Ahmad shared her journey as an Investigative Reporter. She spoke about some of the most challenging stories she’s covered, from terrorism to gangs and why she thinks investigative journalism is still so important to the public.

Tazeen also delivered a workshop using an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Othello to discuss ego, emotions and the importance of emotional intelligence. This discussion helped the students to work through self-reflections that they took from the characters. Hard to deal with emotions such as jealousy were also reflected upon. Tazeen provided insight into the different mechanisms you can use to recognise these emotions in yourself, how you can grow and develop by knowing your strengths. This included a conversation around confidence and how to build that in such a critical period of their lives.

Our thanks to Heartlands High School for being such fantastic hosts and of course to Tazeen for inspiring the next generation!