Speakers tackling tough questions on referendum

24 May 2016

Although it is busy with exams, already Speakers for Schools speakers have been talking to students about the critical issues surrounding the EU Referendum.

Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London, Anand Menon, recently travelled to Newcastle to visit St Cuthbert’s High School for a talk around the upcoming EU Referendum. Helpfully  anandmenon2he spoke to a group of Year 10s about the current situation from an apolitical perspective, but the main focus was the opportunity for the students to ask him about the referendum themselves, and to get their questions answered by an expert on the subject.

The 15-year-old students really enjoyed being able to ask the professor questions on the ‘Brexit’ so that they could get a more in-depth view of one of the most important topics in current affairs. Equally, Professor Menon enjoyed being able to engage a younger audience in his subject area at a critical time.



To come: EU Referendum, What Next?

27th June – 11th July

Following on from this, at the end of June Speakers for Schools will be putting on a talk series in schools across the country to discuss the results of the EU Referendum.

Asking ‘What’s Next?’, speakers will be talking to students about what the impact of the referendum will be on the country, whichever way the vote actually goes.  Giving students the chance to ask questions of industry leaders and experts in an apolitical context will be a huge opportunity which we hope to afford to as many schools as possible in the weeks following the vote.

Watch this space for more information about our upcoming campaign!


Our thanks to St Cuthbert’s High School and Professor Menon for a fantastic event!