Today marks 800 talks from Speakers for Schools, as BBC’s Rajan Datar speaks to Plashet Girls

26 February 2014

800 Talks imageToday Speakers for Schools had it’s 800th talk since launching in 2011. Rajan Datar, Presenter and Reporter with the BBC delivered Speakers for Schools’ 800th event this morning- one of a number of special talks organised in conjunction with BBC School Report and BBC Journalism Trainee academy.

In a wide-ranging and frank presentation, Rajan discussed the BBC the media at large and the opportunities on offer to students. His talk was also joined by BBC production assistant Farrah Jasset, a graduate of the BBC Journalism Trainee academy, to mentor their student School Report team and answer practical questions after the talk about a career in journalism.

“The BBC needs more diversity, they know this, it’s a world which needs people like you.”

During the Q&A, an area that students took particular interest in was Rajan’s discussion of the BBC as an institution. Asking whether they felt put off from a career in journalism and arguing the importance and need for diversity in our media; Rajan and Farrah drew from their own experiences in setting out some of the ways of breaking into the profession.

Speaking about the event, Headteacher of Plashet Girls Rachel McGowan remarked:“It’s really useful, these year 9 students are about to choose their subjects and so it’s really valuable to hear about the world of work –particularly from someone from outside of the school.”

For BBC School Report the Plashet Girls School Report team covered the presentation itself and later took Rajan aside for an interview and also spoke to Farrah about her experiences. The School Report team addressed some very tough questions covering equal pay for women in journalism, overcoming obstacles in both personal and private life, dealing with rejection and connectivity.

Many thanks to Rajan, Plashet School for Girls and the wonderful support from Farrah on involving BBC School Report!

Thank you to all of our speakers helping us reach 800 talks this week:

  • Professor James Wolffsohn, speaking at Queen Mary’s High School in Walsall
  • Tim Allen of Portland, speaking at London Academy of Excellence, East London
  • Hazel Blears MP, speaking at Swinton High School in Salford
  • Fiona Kendrick of Nestle speaking at Hazelwick School, Sussex
  • Economist George Magnus, speaking at Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School in Hertfordshire
  • Citi Groups’ Stuart Popham, speaking at New Forest Academy in Hampshire
  • And thanks to those speakers giving their talks later this week: actor Sam West, author Betsy Tobin, Willie Rennie MSP and entrepreneur Tim Roupell.