Top Ad CEO Captivates Students with Digital

25 October 2016

The Revolution of Digital Advertising: relatable examples on how social media has changed the landscape 

Debbie Klein, CEO of the Engine Group, spoke to a group of over 100 year 12 and 13 students at Greenford High School about digital media, the constant changes to advertising and how things have come a long way since she started. Her name dropping grabbed student interest when she mentioned Engine’s work with ‘Pewdiepie’ – a well-known Youtube star. Students couldn’t help but call out facts about the number of social media followers he had and his most popular videos as they interacted with Debbie.


What did students and Debbie think about social media’s impact on advertising?

This was followed by a mini debate on how snapchat could have/will continue to change the face of advertising, as many of the students were of course familiar with the social media app, Debbie explained how ‘vertical media’ was now common because of apps like Snapchat versus horizontal media when she was growing up – just another example of ever changing digital media. Students mentioned that they felt like they’re being followed, as search history would cause adverts that they may be interested in to pop up on Facebook/Instagram. Debbie mentioned how algorithms work to be able to do this and why younger generations were harder to reach as they were constantly moving from one social media app to another.

Women in advertising:

Debbie was clear and concise about one topic in particular and that was the lack of women in the industry. She expressed her disappointment and encouraged the young women to consider pursuing a career in advertising if they were interested in the field.

Her honesty rang true with many listening to the talk, there was a flood of questions even after the Q and A session had ended and a display of intuitiveness, interest and intelligence was apparent in the room.

Thanks to Debbie for her time and Greenford High School for their hosting of the event — for related events see the category tags on this post.