TV Doctor speaks to students as part of NHS70

24 July 2018


Last week, TV doctor and NHS GP Dr Sara Kayat spoke at Brentford School for Girls as part of the NHS 70th birthday celebrations.

Having studied at King’s College Medical School, Dr Kayat discussed her career history and how she became a media medic.

Starting her talk, Dr Kayat asked how many students wanted to become a doctor. She said:

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. I’ve always inherently known.”

Dr Kayat also honestly spoke about the challenges and perks of being a doctor as well as the camaraderie within the NHS:

“I was on call during the London riots when that man got shot in the head. It really is that extreme in A&E.”

“In the NHS, everyone rallies together when there’s a problem – that’s the beautiful thing about the NHS.”


From here, Dr Kayat moved onto her work as a TV doctor featuring on programmes including Channel 5’sGPs behind closed doors as well as being the resident GP for ITV’s This Morning!

“I was only a year out of GP training – but the live TV was a really fun job.”

She also spoke about her training for Bear Grylls’, The Celebrity Island, in which she starred:

“I managed to the end! I like to think I was one of the calmer ones – my (medical) training helped me with that”.

After showing the students a trailer for The Island, she then went through the characteristics that she learned during medical school and how they helped her ‘survive’ the show. Dr Kayat’s top tips were:


Serenity/Calmness – “It is times when you are at your most panicked that you need to be most calm.”

Pacing yourself – “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

Prioritisation – “Part of the GP exam was a prioritisation task. On The Island – some people built a shelter before finding water. I had to say, ‘guys we need to find water first”

Communication – “It’s about helping and communicating with all different walks of life. From a Lord or Lady with a cough to an asylum seeker who has been tortured.”



Dr Kayat also had some advice for the students:

“Get your grades, get the ball rolling as early as you can – (try to get) work experience and get that stepping stone up.”

“Even when you get knocked down, it’s about having the confidence to get back up again and carry on.”

Here’s what some of the students had to say!

“What surprised me the most was being convinced to do something in science”

“I will persist in trying hard in science. It was a VERY engaging and interesting talk. I enjoyed it thoroughly”

“She was really nice and her experience inspired me, because it made me realise that nothing in life is easy, but if you really want, you have to go for it and never give up, even if you failed once”

…and with a special thanks from the teacher:

“Please pass on our thanks too to Dr Kayat for her informative and interesting careers talk on Tuesday. Her infectious energy engaged the girls from the start and they responded well to her advice and information about medicine as a career and the benefits of working for an employer like the NHS.”

Thank you Dr Kayat for speaking to students as part of the NHS70 campaign and to Brentford Schools For Girls for being fantastic hosts!

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