Undercover journalism focus of talk in Oxfordshire

18 April 2016

Following communication consultant Vivien Morgan’s talk at Didcot Girl’s School last week in Oxfordshire, one of the Year 12 students wrote an article on the experience which we would like to share here:


It’s not often an assembly starts with a selfie, but journalist and communications expert Vivien Morgan started Wednesday 13th April’s assembly unconventionally for Year 12. Vivien Morgan was visiting Year 12 to give an insight into the world of media and how the way we use images on social media shapes our understanding of the news in the world.

After explaining how our online presence links to existentialism, with it being how we show we exist in the fast paced world, Vivien’s central message stressed the importance of young people having the confidence to put themselves out there in their careers. This was something that Vivien Morgan was well versed in, as through her career as a producer and video journalist she has had plenty of experience in dealing with difficult situations to produce a story or documentary. Having worked undercover in the former Soviet Union producing the first footage in the West of life in countries like Romania, Vivien told us of how courage and determination helped shape her career to where she is now – including being arrested 8 times in a few days and having her car bugged by foreign intelligence services.

Vivien’s work as an undercover video journalist pioneered the way documentaries and news features are produced now, as the way technology advanced meant she could produce documentaries without an extensive film crew. This is similar to how the majority of news is produced in developing countries, where news features are often filmed on a smartphone rather than requiring a production team with expensive equipment.

Vivien then led a small seminar to a group of Year 12 students interested in careers in media, where she shared several documentaries she had made over her career on thought provoking subjects – such as voluntary segregation in American cities, and the campaign against FGM in Sudan. The overall message to the group was on the necessity of confidence and articulation when presenting yourself, an extremely valuable skill when it comes to University and to job interviews. A big thank you goes to Vivien Morgan for giving up her time to visit us and for being such an inspirational speaker to us all.

Vivien also wrote about her experiences at the school, which you can read on her LinkedIn here.


Our own thanks go to Vivien Morgan and Didcot Girl’s School for a brilliant and unique event, as well as this article and photos.

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