Ben Dyson

Executive Director of Strategy, NHS Improvement


Ben has been Executive Director of Strategy for NHS Improvement since June 2016, helping the organisation to improve the support it gives to NHS hospitals, mental health services, communicate health services and ambulance services. He has also worked closely with a range of other health and care organisation to identify how to break down tradition barriers between GPs and hospitals, physical and mental health, and health and social care.

Ben was previously Director of the NHS Group at the Department of Health, with responsibility for helping ministers develop policy in a number of key areas including how to devolve greater responsibilities to local areas (such as Greater Manchester), how to strengthen GP services and how to introduce a greater range of 7-day NHS services.

From 2010, as Director of Commissioning Policy for the Department, Ben led work to give a stronger role to GPs in planning local healthcare services. He went on to take up a Director role in NHS England when it was established in April 2013, leading on its primary care strategy and helping to shape new approaches to commissioning.

Ben joined the Department of Health in 1991 and has worked across a wide range of areas supporting ministers in developing health and social care policy. From 2007 to 2012, Ben also led the department’s work to champion improvements in health and healthcare for people with learning disabilities.