Chris Daw QC

Queen's Counsel (Barrister)


I am one of the country’s leading lawyers, having been appointed Queen’s Counsel (QC / “Silk”) in 2013.

I work on some of the most high profile criminal and fraud cases before the courts; everything England footballers and world champion boxers to multi-national corporations and billionaires to Chief Constables and other senior police officers (including in the Hillsborough Inquests and criminal prosecutions).

Before becoming a QC I spent 20 years as a barrister in complex and serious crime; from murder to armed robbery to international drug trafficking, sexual offences and serious fraud.

I grew up in Milton Keynes and went to state schools, including a very ordinary comprehensive school, where hardly anyone went on to university, let alone the legal profession. I was lucky to go to a really good 6th Form College and from there to Manchester University, the Inns of Court School of Law and the Bar.

I practise and have homes in both London and Manchester.
I have recently been involved in a number of media projects, from articles in the national press, to live-streamed social mobility events to an appearance on the BBC1 One Show in 2018. In 2019, I have been commissioned to present a 5 part documentary series for BBC1 which will air in October 2019.

I am passionate about raising aspiration levels in the most deprived schools in the country so as to level the playing field in the top universities and professions, especially the law.

I also do some one to one mentoring of fellow barristers and interview for the £1 million scholarship programme of Gray’s Inn.

I would really like to be a stand-up comedian but I am not that funny.
(Links to various media articles on the above profile page)
(You can watch my short film for the BBC on the LinkedIn page)

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