Dr Mike Clarke



Dr Mike Clarke was appointed Chief Executive of the RSPB in 2010, having been Operations Director since 1998, responsible for the RSPB’s local delivery, including the growth in the organisations volunteer base and community engagement. Mike has worked for the RSPB for more than 25 years, initially in South East England tackling a wide range of land use issues.

Prior to the RSPB, he worked for the Nature Conservancy Council in Hampshire and the Chief Scientists Team, where he contributed to the Geological Conservation Review and the National Vegetation Classification, and carried out research with the Soil Survey of England and Wales. His PhD was on the ecology of New Forest.

Mike is a Council member of BirdLife International, a global partnership of conservation organisations and is Patron of Birding for All, a charity to improve access for people with disabilities. In 2015, he was appointed to the European Commission REFIT Platform whose main task is to support better EU law-making for the benefit of citizens, business and public authorities across Europe. He was also a member of the Government’s England Forestry Forum. In civil society he has served on Southampton University’s Council, has been a school governor and director of the country’s largest schools federation and has been active in local community networks as a Parish Council vice-chair.