Dr Nira Chamberlain

Mathematician & Senior Data Scientist, Holland & Barrett


Dr Nira Chamberlain is Senior Data Scientist, Holland & Barrett and Mathematician, Mathematical Modeller and Data Science Consultant & Vice President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Dr Nira Chamberlain is the 5th Most Influential Black person in the UK (Powerlist 2018) and is listed by the Science Council as ‘one of the UK’s top 100 Scientists’. In 2015, Nira joined the exclusive list of only 30 UK mathematicians who are featured in the autobiographical reference book Who’s Who and in 2017, Nira became the Vice President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

Nira has been described by Loughborough University (of which he is a Visiting Fellow) as one of its Greatest Scientific Minds; he is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Mathematician, as well as a Fellow of the IMA. Furthermore, Nira Chamberlain is one of the few British Mathematicians to discussed in the American Mathematics book; The Encyclopedia of Mathematics & Society. The encyclopedia highlights two of Nira’s mathematical models and their impact on the field of supportability engineering of complex assets.

Nira has over 20 years of experience at writing mathematical models/simulation algorithms that solve complex industrial problems. Nira Chamberlain has developed mathematical solutions within many industrial sectors. This has included periods in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel. During his career he has chaired and organized a mini-symposium at an international mathematical modelling conference. As well as this, Nira has been invited to speak and to run a one day mathematical workshop at London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF). LIYSF attracts 500 of the world’s leading young scientists, aged 17-21 years old, from more than 65 participating countries.

Nira Chamberlain is an Elected Council Member of the IMA and sits on the Industrial Advisory Board of Aston University for its Mathematics programme. Furthermore, Nira is the author of the paper Long multiplication and percentages without a calculator, which is based on a method he invented, while teaching at an Inner-city Saturday school.

As part of the National HE STEM Programme’s project – Being a Professional Mathematician; there is a recorded interview of Nira Chamberlain’s mathematical career thus far. The objectives of the project, was to produce resources for the undergraduate mathematics curriculum. In a video interview with the Cambridge University outreach project Plus magazine, Nira tells us how solving difficult mathematical problems can be like fighting an invisible boxer, and how he loves the feeling of having succeeded — because “the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory!”
Nira’s recommendation to any aspiring mathematician is that “You don’t need anybody’s permission to be a great mathematician!”

Nira has recently won an International Mathematics Communication competition: The Big Internet Maths Off and has gained the title ‘World’s Most Interesting Mathematician.’


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Dr Nira Chamberlain

Mathematician & Senior Data Scientist, Holland & Barrett