Emma Reed

Director of Emergency Planning and Health Protection, Department of Health and Social Care


Emma Reed is a Deputy Director and responsible for the Cyber Security Programme in the Department of Health. In this role, Emma and her team are leading the work to ensure health and social care are resilient and responsive to any cyber attack.

Emma has been a Civil Servant for over 15 years. She started her career in the North West working on community health projects and on initiatives to improve the health of the working age. Moving to Whitehall, she joined the team working to reduce health inequalities. In 2008, she joined the Government Equalities Office where she was the lead on LGB&T Equality, specifically on the introduction of Same-Sex Marriage. Emma then moved to join the Cabinet Office where she led the work on supporting the reform of the Civil Service both in Westminster and throughout the Country. Returning to Health in 2014, Emma led the work in supporting the health system to respond to the Ebola crisis, including ensuring that those affected had access to appropriate treatment. Following the successful eradication of Ebola from West Africa, Emma was asked to lead the work on the Secretary of State’s new priority, tackling the our childhood obesity crisis. She led the publication of Childhood Obesity: A plan for action which include the commitment for a ground-breaking new sugar tax and actions to improve food and nutrition in schools