John Perry

Risk Management Consultant, Former International Banker for HSBC, Fundraiser for AFASIC


I am a former senior HSBC executive with over 37 years of experience working in all of HSBC’s principal subsidiaries and principal cities in South and North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. The focus of my responsibilities covered governance (including a member of the Board of HSBC’s principal subsidiary in the Middle East), the management of risk, finance, operations and information technology (IT).

Since completing my career with HSBC in 2013, I wrote and self-published a free EBook, entitled “Productive Human Endeavour”. The two part book covers a) the history of modelling economies with a focus on the modelling of GDP, and b) the assessment of the risks and rewards to society through the interaction of people, the natural resources, inventions and processes. I established my own consulting company “Productive Human Endeavour Limited” with the brand “influencing the future”, and I provide consulting services to the British Bankers’ Association to coordinate the banking sectors’ response to the new rules and guidance issued by global, European and UK regulators. I am also an advisor to the board of Chartis Research who analyse the systems, products, vendors, applications and trends in the risk technology marketplace.

I realise how very grateful I am to be able to communicate and understand language and how uplifting it is to hear young people articulate their points of view and debate the subjects that challenge us. I have though also become aware that there are many children and young people who have a disability that results in them having difficulty to speak, communicate and understand language. I really want them to be given every opportunity to overcome their disability to have a “voice for life”, an opportunity to be heard so that they can participate more fully in life. That is why my charitable focus is on raising the awareness of the charity AFASIC that helps children and young people (and supports their families) to overcome those difficulties. To raise awareness I recently took on a personal challenge which started in Land’s End to cycle for 9 consecutive days 965 miles to John O’Groats – “Ride across Britain” to raise funds for AFASIC.

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