Karen Hilton

Commercial Director, Carwow


Having spent 11 years working in the automotive industry I like to think I know my spanners from my scorecards. I’ve been lucky enough to work for brands that are recognised around the world: MINI, BMW and Volkswagen. At the glamorous end of the spectrum I’ve launched iconic advertising campaigns and travelled the world testing and launching new cars. At the other end of the spectrum I know what life is like when your company is weathering it’s biggest PR storm in history. All of this I can now contrast with my experience at carwow, a fast paced high-growth start-up.

Karen’s participation has been made possible through Speakers for Schools partnership with the UK Automotive 30% Club and her school talks will include a focus on inspiring girls to consider opportunities in the automotive sector and encouraging all students to aim high.

She is also supporting the UK Automotive 30% Club 30/30/30 campaign.

LinkedIn Profile https://goo.gl/CVB8Sq